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What is and was the largest animal in the world?

People are generally fascinated by superlatives - whether it is the fastest car, the tallest building, or the largest animal in the world. Especially...
Microsoft Facts Cover

22 incredible facts about Microsoft

Everyone knows Microsoft or at least their flagship computer software "Windows" or "Microsoft Office". But do you also know what "Xbox" stands for or...
fun facts

101 fascinating Fun Facts

We have again gone in search of unbelievable facts and discovered many exciting things. Surely you already knew that John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham...

25 Incredible Facts about Blue Whales

The blue whale is considered the largest animal in the history of the earth. With its gigantic dimensions, it sets numerous records that fascinate...
Cobra with open mouth

What is the cobra effect?

Surely everyone knows an example of how someone had a good intention but, in the end, only made everything much worse. A good intention...
Facts about Flags Cover

33 Fun (Facts) with Flags

Flags are more than just a symbol for nations. They offer a unique view of a countries history and its most important values. But...
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