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John Paul Stapp during his speed test

The 50 Craziest Records, You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

You know these boring records like who is the fastest or who can eat the most hot dogs in just one minute but we have the most...

Superfetation: The pregnancy during pregnancy

There is a low probability that women can become pregnant a second time during pregnancy. This so-called phenomenon of “superfetation” is highly unlikely, but nevertheless possible. The last known case of a woman who was pregnant twice at the same time occurred in 2009.

The unbelievable life of Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson, an African American born in 1918, was an incredible mathematician. Due to her special abilities, she attended high school at the age of ten and completed her studies when she was only 18. When she later worked for NASA, her talent for math was soon recognized and it became her job to verify the accuracy of computer-calculated orbits for planets.
Cover for Lesser-Known Fun Facts Article

20 Lesser-Known Facts about Everything

Below you will find 20 unbelievable lesser-known facts about everything you definitely need to know. Are you aware why some rooms in hospitals have no corners but...

20 Weird And Interesting Facts

Are you interested in weird and interesting facts you cannot believe yet they are absolutely true and amazing? We have 20 of these unbelievable and incredible fun...
Fun Fact Story about Thomas Stevens

Thomas Stevens – The First Person To Circle The Globe By Bicycle

Thomas Stevens is considered to be the first person to have circumnavigated the world on a bicycle. From April 1884 to December 1886, he rode around the globe on a penny-farthing.

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