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Marathon Facts

27 Incredible Marathon Fun Facts

Sports should be an essential part of everyone’s life so it is to no surprise that more and more people try to achieve one if the biggest goals in...

29 Fun Facts About California

California has a lot of nicknames. It's the golden state, the sunshine state, the land of milk and honey or the el dorado state but have you...

23 Fun Facts About Elephants – Absolutely Elephant-Astic

Elephants are the biggest land animals on Earth and can be as emotional and intelligent as humans so we thought we have...

365 Facts of the Day

If you are a fun fact junkie like we are than you need fun facts everyday and this is exactly the reason of that article. We collected...

320 Facts About Life – So Unbelievable

Fun facts about life are always truly amazing but how many of these random facts do you actually know? There are probably thousands of facts out there...

27 Facts About The Sun That Will Light Your Fire

Did you know that the Sun is an almost perfect sphere with a difference of just 6 miles (10km) in diameter between the poles and the equator?...

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