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30 Fun Facts About Brazil – All You Need To Know

Brazil is not just the largest country of South America but also has so much more to offer. I tried to collect for you the most amazing...

The Curious Case Of Ken Hechtman

Ken Hechtman can look back on an eventful life. He enrolled as a freshman at Columbia University in New York in 1986 and founded his own gang just a...

Team Hoyt and Their Unbelievable Story

Rick Hoyt was born on 10 January 1962 in Holland, Massachusetts. But during birth, something went wrong. The umbilical cord was wrapped around his...
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Animals That Go To War And Why They Do It

Be it the Iraq war, the conflict in Afghanistan or the Ukraine crisis: there always seem to be problems between humans that sooner or later end in war. Occasionally...

116 Fun Facts About The Human Body

The human body is probably the most amazing thing you can find in nature, but even though we spend all day with ourselves, there are still so...

250 Strange But True Fun Facts – You Need To Read That

It is no secret that I love fun facts and I love them even so much that I'm constantly searching for new unbelievable facts most people don't...

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