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I started Only Fun Facts in 2019. My aim is to share with you all the amazing and unbelievable fun facts I find out during my daily life. I hope you enjoy these fun facts as much as I do and hope that you like my website the same way.


My Story

My journey began in April of 2014 with the launch of my first website www.bluemind.tv (in German). Initially, I focused on the publication of informative, but also humorous articles. But in no time at all it became clear that I was unable to escape the world of unbelievable facts and useless knowledge. Day after day, I delight a steadily growing number of fans with my discoveries, making jaws drop around the globe.
My library of facts continued to grow and grow, until I reached my first 1,000 facts and was able to publish my first book (Affiliate Link to Amazon) in September of 2016. The longer my journey through the many different fields of knowledge continued, the richer and more interesting the facts became. My fascination for my discoveries continued to grow, as did my joy in learning their interesting background stories.

In November of 2018, I therefore reached my next destination on this journey: Book #2. With “75 incredible facts and their backgrounds” (Affiliate Link to Amazon), I took a closer look at some of our most exciting facts and told the stories behind them. Or would you not have wanted to know why a fog in London cost the lives of 12,000 people? I most certainly was not able to resist and simply had to introduce you to these and other fascinating background stories.

But I wouldn’t be OnlyFunFacts if that had been the end of my journey. I roamed the continents and dug deep into many different subject areas on my search to uncover new, useless knowledge, trivia and facts that you will find hard to believe. Luckily, our world is so fascinating that exciting connections and circumstances which I simply cannot keep from you abound wherever we look. 

So I startet this webiste and hope you enjoy the read!