Jabbar Collins: Wrongfully convicted, exonerated by own research

Procedural errors during court hearings are not uncommon. This is also what happened to Jabbar Collins – however, it would take him...

The Great Lisbon Earthquake: How A Natural Disaster Ushered A Crisis Of Faith

In 1755, Lisbon was hit by a strong earthquake that destroyed almost all the Catholic churches in the city, while all the city’s brothels remained largely intact. The event ushered in a long-lasting crisis of faith in Portugal.

Operation Solomon: How A Rescue Mission Set A World Record

At the beginning of the 1990s, Ethiopia was plagued by a terrible civil war, and the whole country was plunged into chaos and unrest....

The Population of Louisiana: A Story of Convicts and Prostitutes

In September 1719, prisoners in Paris were released under the condition that they marry a prostitute and emigrate to Louisiana, USA. The objective was to advance French colonies along the Mississippi.

Three Different US Presidents In Just One Year

On 4 March 1881, James A. Garfield officially took office as the 20th President of the United States. To this day, he...

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