How Much Is Your Body Worth On The Black Market?

On the black market there are the most interesting things to buy. From concert tickets to contract killers, there's everything that you...

55 Fun Facts About Money, Wealth And Success

"It's not about the Money, Money, Money" says the song "Price Tag" from Jessie J but today we will only focus on...

The unbelievable economy of the Inca Empire

Around the year 1530, the Inca state had reached its greatest expansion, covering roughly one million square kilometers. The economy flourished, and...

32 Fun Facts About McDonald’s – A Super-Size List

Although it's not the biggest franchise in the world anymore McDonald's is still one of the largest brands people know all around...

Why does Iceland have no military?

Iceland has not had its own military since 1944 and has not been attacked by any other country since. We tell you why and how this is possible.

42 Fun Facts about Germany – Simply the Best!

Of course, Germany is well known for its role in World War II but besides that Germany has so much more to...

53 Fun Facts About France You Need To Know

France is not just the biggest country of the European Union but has so much more to offer. Most people now think...

Where do our numbers come from?

Fact is that the earliest precursors of the numbers we use today were developed in India. This can be traced back to...

82 Fun Facts about the United Kingdom

Are you interested in learning more about the United Kingdom or do you want to take your knowledge about that country to...

Poon Lim: A Man Who Survived 133 Days At Sea

With 133 days at sea, the Chinese Poon Lim holds the record for the longest time a shipwrecked person has spent alone on a raft on the high seas. During his time on the ocean, he even managed to kill a shark.

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