23 Fun Facts About Elephants – Absolutely Elephant-Astic

Elephants are the biggest land animals on Earth and can be as emotional and intelligent as humans so we thought we have...

Animals That Go To War And Why They Do It

Be it the Iraq war, the conflict in Afghanistan or the Ukraine crisis: there always seem to be problems between humans that sooner or...

50 Pawsome Facts About Dogs

A dog is man’s best friend but there are a lot of things you might not know about your little friend! For...

Octopus Wrestling: A Strange Trend From The Past

Nowadays, there are all kinds of crazy sports: Germans invented the Wok World Cup, bubble football is becoming a new trend sport...

The Iberian Ibex: The Only Species To Have Gone Extinct Twice

The Iberian ibex was a species living in Spain. Unfortunately, by 2000, only one of its kind was left – a goat...

The Gombe Chimpanzee War

The “Gombe Chimpanzee War” describes a four-year war between two hostile chimpanzee groups in Tanzania. During this time, there were mutual killings, violence and kidnappings. The war is considered the first known situation in which chimpanzees deliberately killed another chimpanzee.

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55 unbelievable Facts about Cats

Cats are one of the most popular pets of choice in the world. If you are an owner of one of these...

Congo – The drawing Chimpanzee

The chimpanzee “Congo” was capable of drawing abstract works of art, and even Pablo Picasso was a big fan of his paintings.

207 Wild Animal Facts

No matter if you have pets or not but these animal facts will blow you away. Do you know for which animal...

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