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55 Fun Facts About Money, Wealth And Success

"It's not about the Money, Money, Money" says the song "Price Tag" from Jessie J but today we will only focus on Money, Wealth...

The unbelievable economy of the Inca Empire

Around the year 1530, the Inca state had reached its greatest expansion, covering roughly one million square kilometers. The economy flourished, and that without...

Why does Iceland have no military?

Iceland has not had its own military since 1944 and has not been attacked by any other country since. We tell you why and how this is possible.

Where do our numbers come from?

All over the world, numbers are known to be composed of single digits based on the Arabic numerical system. Only through this could higher...

The San Pedro Prison Society

The largest Bolivian prison, San Pedro in La Paz, has developed its own society. There are no guards in the prison, and the prisoners organize all aspects of their lives themselves. There are shops and restaurants run by the prisoners, and at regular intervals the inmates even elect a new leader.

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