42 Amazing Facts About India

Have you ever heard that the arabic numbers we are now using have originated from India? Or did you know that chess...

47 Facts About Africa You Didn’t Know About

From A like Angola to Z like Zimbabwe. Africa is a beautiful place and has so much to offer that we wanted...

51 Facts About China – The Only List You Need To Know

Are you interested in facts about China? Then you are absolutely right here. We have so many great information for you from the ancient...

62 Facts about Australia – The Ultimate List

There are a lot of list with facts about Australia in the internet, but this is the ultimate list you need to...

Point Nemo – The Loneliest Place In The World

“Point Nemo” is the place on the earth’s surface that is furthest away from any mainland or island. It is located in the southern Pacific Ocean, 2,688 km from the nearest mainland.

Blue Zones – The Key to Eternal Life

Regions of the earth where the inhabitants clearly exceed the average life expectancy of the world population are called “Blue Zones”. Currently, only five Blue Zones are known worldwide.

52 Crazy Facts About The USA – A Full List!

We are big fans of the United States of America and we want to celebrate this by telling you 52 crazy facts...

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