19 Terrific Facts About Mercury

Mercury is the planet in our solar system which is closest to the sun. You can expect that it is getting pretty...

16 Fascinating Facts About Neptune

After Pluto not being considered a planet anymore, there are eight planets left in our solar system. So, you can expect us...

22 Amazing Facts About Uranus

Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun and has so much to offer. It is also known as the ice planet...

33 Fun Facts About Mars You Need To Know

Mars might only be the second smallest planet in our solar system but there are so many fun facts about it we...

27 Facts About The Sun That Will Light Your Fire

Did you know that the Sun is an almost perfect sphere with a difference of just 6 miles (10km) in diameter between...

25 Fun Facts About The Moon

The Moon is Earths only natural satellite and causing the tides to rise and fall but we discovered much more amazing facts...

13 Facts About Galileo Galilei

Einstein once said that only the work of Galileo can be seen as the real beginning of astronomy and physics. All before...

71 Space Facts That’ll Blow Your Mind

Space, the Final Frontier - a well-known statement for all Star Trek fans but even if you have watched all episodes of...

The unbelievable life of Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson, an African American born in 1918, was an incredible mathematician. Due to her special abilities, she attended high school at the age of ten and completed her studies when she was only 18. When she later worked for NASA, her talent for math was soon recognized and it became her job to verify the accuracy of computer-calculated orbits for planets.

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