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Benford’s Law: The unbelievable first-digit law

If you take the measure of anything, such as the height of a mountain, the length of a river or the price of a company’s share, then the probability that this number begins with a one is about 30 percent. The probability of this number beginning with a nine, on the other hand, is only five percent. This phenomenon is known as “Benford’s Law” and has frequently been used to disprove fake statistics.

Ron Wayne: The Third and Unknown Founder of Apple

Aside from Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, there was a third founder of Apple: Ron Wayne. However, he sold his shares in 1976 for 800 dollars.

The Iberian Ibex: The Only Species To Have Gone Extinct Twice

A question that is quite justified: How can a species become extinct twice? Extinction means that there is no more specimen of the species...

A Monkey that’s moving a wheelchair only through its thoughts

While watching the X-Men movies, did you think how great it would be if you could steer a wheelchair like Professor Charles Xavier? In...

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