17 Fun Facts About Twitter

Although not the biggest social network among Facebook, Instagram an co. Twitter is still an integral part of our social media life....

How Microsoft created over 10,000 millionaires

On 4 April 1975, when they started their software company Microsoft, the two founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen would certainly not...

Cryonics: Can You Freeze Your Body For The Future?

When on 19 September 1991 a mummy was found on the Tisenjoch, the connection between the Ötz Valley and the Schnal Valley,...

20 Facts about Facebook – You need to know this!

Facebook might seem a bit outdated as Instagram or Whatsapp is becoming more popular but you always have to keep in mind...

Benford’s Law: The unbelievable first-digit law

If you take the measure of anything, such as the height of a mountain, the length of a river or the price of a company’s share, then the probability that this number begins with a one is about 30 percent. The probability of this number beginning with a nine, on the other hand, is only five percent. This phenomenon is known as “Benford’s Law” and has frequently been used to disprove fake statistics.

Ron Wayne: The Third and Unknown Founder of Apple

Aside from Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, there was a third founder of Apple: Ron Wayne. However, he sold his shares in 1976 for 800 dollars.

The Iberian Ibex: The Only Species To Have Gone Extinct Twice

The Iberian ibex was a species living in Spain. Unfortunately, by 2000, only one of its kind was left – a goat...

A Monkey that’s moving a wheelchair only through its thoughts

The scientific magazine Scientific Reports published an article in March 2016, describing how monkeys had learned to control a wheelchair using...

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