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The croissant is not a French creation, but an Austrian creation.

Kenneth Bainbridge, scientific director of the Manhattan Project, commented at the first test of a nuclear bomb with “Now we are all sons of bitches”.

So far about 270 people have had their bodies frozen, to be revived in the future.

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Tibetan monks sleep while sitting.

The modern look of the U.S. flag was designed by a school child from Ohio as a school project. His teacher gave him a B-.

Babies are not able to taste salt until they are four months old.

The sun is actually white. But our atmosphere makes it look yellowish to us.

Michael Jackson proposed a Harry Potter musical, but J. K. Rowling refused.

While tomatoes are typically classified as vegetables, they actually belong to the fruit category.

Everything you write into your Facebook status, is irreversibly sent to Facebook – regardless if you actually post it.

In Stockholm, Sweden, there is speed camera which raffles the income from speeding tickets among those who drive at the correct speed. (Source)

It takes 40 minutes to cook an ostrich egg.

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When the pirate Jean Lafitte learnt of a bounty on his head of 500 dollars was issued by the governor, he issued a bounty on the governor’s head of 5,000 dollars.

Studies have proved that an increase in the amount of homework correlates with the increased likelihood of students to become depressed.

The term “money laundering” can be traced back to Al Capone, as he used Laundromats for this purpose.

The first seven seconds are the most important when making a first impression.

Thanks to collaboration with Twitter, every public tweet sent in the U.S., is digitally archived in the Library of Congress.

By law, cars are prohibited on Mackinac Island in Michigan since 1898. Inhabitants use horses instead.

The intelligence of a child is primarily determined by its mother.


In Cambridge (Canada) you can pay your parking ticket by donating soft toys.

Redheads are less sensitive to pain and more sensitive to temperature when compared to people with different hair colors.

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