34 Facts about Canada – The Ultimate List

„O Canada! Our home and native land!“ starts the anthem of the second largest country in the world but we think Canada has much more to appreciate than just its size. We therefore prepared 34 unbelievable fun facts about Canada to show you the beauty of this wonderful country. You will be surprised by what we have found but see it yourself.

1. A total of 90% of Canada is uninhabited.

2. Alert, a village in Canada, is the northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world.

3. Canada is just 1.5% larger than the USA.

4. With a total of 1,896 km (1,178 mi), the Yonge Street in Ontario, Canada, is the longest street in the world.

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5. There are more doughnut shops per capita in Canada than in any other country in the world.

6. After Russia Canada is the second largest country in the world.

7. Canada has the longest coastline of any country in the world. It’s 243,977 kilometres  (151,600 miles).

8. Canadians consume more Mac N‘ Cheese than any other country in the world.

9. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor during World War 2, Canada declared war on Japan one day earlier than the USA did.

10. The Nahanni National Park Reserve in Canada is larger than Israel, Jamaica or Armenia.

11. Montreal is the world’s fourth largest French speaking city after Paris, Kinshasa and Abidjan.

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12. In Newfoundland (Canada) there is a city called Dildo.

13. Canada contains 10 percent of the world’s forested land.

14. Lake Superior, between Canada and the United States, is the largest freshwater lake in the world.

15. There are more people living in California than in Canada. If you want more facts like this make sure to check out our California facts.

16. In Cambridge (Canada) you can pay your parking ticket by donating soft toys.

17. Although Canada is one oft he largest countries in the world it has the fourth lowest population density in the world. On Average only three people live per square kilometre.

18. Although Toronto is the largest city of Canada, it’s not the capital of the country. That’s Ottawa.

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19. Canada got its own flag on February 15, 1965. Only 100 years after it became a country.

20. Canada has six different time zones.

21. Basketball was invented by Dr. James Naismith, a Canadian physical educator, while he was looking for a game that can be played indoors during winter. We have a lot more facts like this in our sports facts list.

22. Canada became a country on July 1st, 1867 when the British Parliament passed the British North America Act.

23. Canada has twice been invaded by the USA, first in 1775 and again in 1812.

24. Between 1663 and 1673, Louis XIV, the King of France, sent 800 women to Canada to promote the settlement of a predominantly male French colony. The deployment of the so-called “Daughters of the King” (“filles du Roy” in French) quickly proved effective. The colony’s population doubled within ten years, and it is estimated that about two thirds of all French Canadians can trace their roots back to these 800 women.

25. Canada was the third country sending a satellite to space, after USA and USSR. Looking for more facts like this one? We have plenty of more Space Facts here.

26. It is assumed that the pizza Hawaii was invented in Canada.

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27. The Wasaga beach in Canada is the longest fresh water beach in the world. 

28. The place with the lowest gravitational pull is in Canada.

29. The word „Canada“ derives from the Iroquoian word kanata for „settlement“ or „village“.

30. Over half of Canadas residents have college degrees making the country the World’s Most Educated Country.

31. The border between Canada and the USA is the longest international border in the world between two countries.

32. Canada is home to more lakes than the rest of the world combined.

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33. The majority of Canada’s population lives south of Seattle.

34. The entire border between the United States and Canada consists of a cleared strip of forest with a width of approximately 20 feet.

How did you like our 34 amazing fun facts about Canada? We hope all of these facts were new to you but if not please let us know which one you were already aware of. If you know even more facts about Canada do not hesitate to leave a comment and we will add that fact to our list. If you like to see more interesting facts about different countries just visit our dedicated Country Facts section or follow us on PinterestTwitterFacebook or Instagram for daily new fun facts about everything.

General Facts about Canada

Apart from be above listed fun facts about Canada you might also be interested in some more general facts about that country. See them here:

Largest CityToronto
Total Area3,855,100 sq mi (9,984,670 km²)
Population (2019)37,602,103
Governor GeneralJulie Payette
Prime MinisterJustin Trudeau
CurrencyCanadian Dollar

Last Update: November 17th 2019.


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