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Our planet is home to so many unbelievable things. To celebrate Earth we therefore collected our 212 most amazing fun facts we are aware of. If you want to know more about our home planet and if you want to be surprised with each second you should definitely read our 212 fun facts about Earth.

1. Whales can reach a volume of up to 230 decibels with their songs. That is twice as loud as a jet taking off.

2. “Snakes Venom” is the strongest beer in the world with an alcohol content of 67.5 percent. It contains more alcohol than whiskey.

3. To find out whether a female is capable of mating, male giraffes beat their heads on the female’s belly until they urinate. The male can determine the female’s fertility by the smell of her urine.

4. For years, Liechtenstein and Haiti had the same flag, which was only noticed when the two nations met at the 1936 Olympic Games. A year later, the flag of Liechtenstein was therefore adorned with the symbol of a golden princely hat.

5. The lyrebird is capable of perfectly imitating almost any sound it hears. Birds of this species have been observed imitating the sounds of a chainsaw, a gunshot, a camera shutter or even an explosion.

6. During a solar eclipse, it appears to observers on earth as if the sun and moon were exactly the same size. However, this is only a huge coincidence, because the sun is 400 times as big as the moon, but also 400 times further away.

7. Mangalica pigs are a rare type of pig that due to their curly, light bristles look like sheep.

8. An adult oyster can clean and filter up to 190 liters of water per day.

9. The largest crossroads in the world is in China. It runs over five levels, has 20 exits and covers 99 acres.

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10. In New Zealand, there is a lake, which on average has a temperature of 147 degrees Fahrenheit due to geothermal processes.

11. A koala’s fingerprint is so similar to that of a human being that there have been several cases in Australia with considerable confusion about the perpetrator at a crime scene.

12. In Australia in 2009, snipers were tasked with defending a colony of penguins against possible enemies to guarantee the survival of this rare penguin species.

13. The shortest war in the world took place in 1896 between Zanzibar and the British. Zanzibar capitulated after only 38 minutes.

14. Like humans, ducks have different accents. 

15. Koala bears hug trees to cool down on hot days.

16. Hummingbirds use falcons as bodyguards. They frequently build their own nest directly underneath a falcon’s nest, since falcons always look down on their prey from above and other animals therefore tend to avoid this area. Hummingbirds, on the other hand, are not hunted by falcons.

17. 90 percent of all people live in the northern hemisphere.

18. Taking into account the French overseas regions in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, France is the country with the most time zones. In total, there are twelve different ones.

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19. In December 2013, the dating app Tinder delivered its first match in Antarctica. It was between a scientist and a visitor who were only a 45-minute helicopter flight apart. If you are looking for more facts like that you should check out our Antarctica facts list.

20. Deep down in the Sala silver mine in Sweden, there is a hotel room 509 feet underground, making it the deepest hotel in the world.

21. In addition to humans, homosexuality has been discovered in over 1,500 animal species. Same sex love is therefore anything but contrary to nature.

22. There are more people with obesity than malnutrition worldwide.

23. The place with the lowest gravitational pull is in Canada.

24. The Indricotherium was the largest land mammal of all times and had no enemies to fear. The species could grow to almost 30 feet and weighed up to 22 tons. This made the giants almost ten feet taller than a giraffe and more than three times as heavy as an elephant.

25. Most serial killers are born in November.

26. The deepest gold mine in the world is located in South Africa, and is situated 2.5 miles below the surface.

27. In 2017, researchers discovered the largest dinosaur footprint to date in Western Australia. The footprint is over 5 feet long and is said to be over 130 million years old.

28. In 1783, the volcano Lakagígar in the south of Iceland erupted. For months, lava erupted from over 100 craters. Numerous aerosols such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and sulphur were blown into the atmosphere and began to darken the sky over all of Europe. Crop failures and the mass death of livestock led to a famine that cost the lives of about 10,000 people. Even the famine that struck France in 1788, which together with the high tax burden at the time led to the French Revolution, could have been a consequence of the volcanic eruption.

29. The black mamba can reach a speed of 12.4 miles per hour.

30. Humans and dolphins are the only animals, which have sex solely for pleasure.

31. The blue whale is the loudest animal on earth. Its cries can be heard from a distance of 373 miles. 

32. There are no family names in Ethiopia. Instead, a child’s surname is simply their father’s first name.

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33. One fifth of all people use their smartphone during sex.

34. Researchers believe that only ten percent of our seas are explored. This means we know less about our oceans than about the moon.

35. “Point Nemo” is the place on the earth’s surface that is furthest away from any mainland or island. It is located in the southern Pacific Ocean, 1,670 miles from the nearest mainland. Even the astronauts on the ISS space station are closer to this point than any other person on the mainland anywhere.

36. In France there is a village named “Pussy”.

37. Genetically, mushrooms are closer to humans than to plants.

38. Every year, humans kill up to 100 million sharks to get to their fins.

39. Lake Baikal in Russia is home to 20 percent of the world’s total unfrozen fresh water.

40. The anchor motif as a tattoo was originally meant to signal that the carrier had already crossed the Atlantic.

41. With a maximum speed of 68 miles per hour, the marlin is the fastest fish in the world. For comparison, a cruise ship travels the seas at an average speed of 19 miles per hour.

42. The Bourbon vanilla takes its name from the island of Réunion, where the black pods are grown. After the occupation by the French King Louis XIII, the island was called “Bourbon” after the name of his noble family.

43. In Texas, there is a city called Earth; it is the only place in the world named “Earth”.

44. Araucana chickens are also referred to as Easter egg chickens, because their eggs can be blue, green, red or brown.

45. Bhutan is the only country in the world with a negative CO2 balance. The country’s constitution stipulates that at least 60 percent of the land mass must be covered with forest.

46. The Kalasha are an indigenous people living in Pakistan. They consider themselves descendants of the ancient Greeks.

47. A tiger’s tongue is so rough that it can even lick meat from a bone.

48. Based on crime statistics, Tokyo is the safest city in the world.

49. If all the ships currently in service in the world were to sink, the sea level would fall minimally and not rise, as one might intuitively think.

50. Due to plate tectonic movements, Australia migrates to the north by about 2.8 inches each year.

51. Pingelap is a Western Pacific island atoll where two thirds of the inhabitants are color-blind.

52. Just like whales, elephants and hippos can communicate with their fellow creatures over long distances via infrasound. 

53. Rabbits have such good peripheral sight they are able to see things behind their head.

54. The capital of Kazakhstan is Astana. Which when translated means “capital”.

55. The largest insect of all time lived 300 million years ago. Meganeura resembled today’s dragonflies, but had an enormous wingspan of 30 inches.

56. Male kangaroos flex their biceps to impress females.

57. On June 30th, 2015, there was a leap second. One second was added to the last minute of this day.

58. The “Antarctic Treaty” signed in 1961 stipulates that no country may exploit Antarctica economically or use it militarily. Instead, Antarctica is to be made available to all countries of the world for research purposes.

59. Scorpions can survive for up to one year without food.

60. Thioacetone is considered the world’s worst smelling chemical. According to reports, when parts of the substance were released from a production site in Freiburg in 1889, it was reported that within a radius of 2,460 feet passers-by suddenly had to vomit because of the unbearable smell.

61. The planet Uranus was discovered in 1781, while the Antarctic was not discovered until 1820. How about more Uranus Facts?

62. Male narwhals have an ivory horn with a length of up to ten feet on their head.

63. In Stockholm, Sweden, there is speed camera which raffles the income from speeding tickets among those who drive at the correct speed.

64. There are still about 30 to 40 million people who move around as nomadic peoples without a permanent residence. In Mongolia, 40 percent of the population belong to this group.

65. In Surabaya, Indonesia, residents can also use plastic waste to pay for their bus ticket. The objective of the campaign is to reduce plastic waste in the city and at the same time get more people interested in public transport.

66. Big Major Cay is an island in the Bahamas that is almost exclusively populated by pigs. To this day, it has not been clearly ascertained how the pigs got to the island.

67. In 2012, a new ant species was discovered in New York City. Scientists named it “ManhattAnt”.

68. Tattooing is illegal in South Korea. In the country, tattoos are mainly worn by criminals, which is why a tattoo is considered a valid reason for a company not to hire somebody.

69. The seven wonders of the ancient world only existed concurrently for 60 years.

70. If you were to stack all the viruses in the world on top of each other, this would result in a tower that would extend far beyond the moon, even further than our sun, further than Alpha Centauri and further than the edge of the Milky Way and into the next galaxy, with a total height of about 200 million light years.

71. An estimated five million landmines are still buried in India.

72. Without bats, there would be no tequila, as bats play a crucial role in pollinating agave plants, from which the alcohol is won.

73. Costa Rica does not have its own military anymore. Instead, the money is now spent on education and culture. We also have many more facts about Costa Rica if you like.

74. There’s only one country between Finland and North Korea: Russia.

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75. So far, there have already been around 106 billion people in the world.

76. With almost 280,000 visitors, the Frankfurt Book Fair is the largest book fair in the world.

77. The shortest commercial flight lasts only 47 seconds and brings people in Scotland from the Westray Island to Papa Westray Island.

78. Jakarta is the fastest sinking city in the world. Every year, the ground sinks by up to ten inches.

79. The Italian state of Bellagio, namesake of the Las Vegas hotel with the same name, has fewer inhabitants than the hotel has rooms.

80. The manchineel tree is so poisonous that even rainwater trickling off the fruit can lead to severe acid burns to the skin. If you get smoke in your eyes while burning the tree, you might go blind. It is even recommended to not inhale too much air around the tree as even this can cause dizziness and nausea.

81. Seen chronologically, Cleopatra was closer to the moon landing than to the construction of the pyramids.

82. Regions of the earth where the inhabitants clearly exceed the average life expectancy of the world population are called “Blue Zones”. Currently, only five Blue Zones are known worldwide. These are Okinawa (Japan), Sardinia (Italy), Nicola (Costa Rica), Ikaria (Greece) and Loma Linda (California). The reason why people there live so long is not clear.

83. In the middle of Lake Taal on the island of Luzan, which belongs to the Philippines, lies Volcano Island, which is home to a crater lake which in turn contains a small island called Volcano Point. It is therefore an island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island.

84. From 5 to 9 December 1952, a fog crept up over London and claimed the lives of about 12,000 people. When strong winds finally lifted the fog, people were shocked to find so many corpses.

85. Okinawa Island in Japan is the safest place in the world. More than 450 people, who are more than 100 years old, live there.

86. The Diomedes Islands are a group of islands in the Arctic Ocean. The western island of this group belongs to Russia, while the eastern island belongs to the USA. Both islands are only 2.5 miles apart, but as the International Date Line runs between them, they are separated by a 21-hour time difference.

87. In Brazil, a termite mound was discovered that is probably up to 4,000 years old – almost as old as the pyramids in Egypt. 

88. Don Juan Pond in Antarctica is the saltiest body of water on earth. Its salt content is over 40 percent.

89. An average, one U.S. citizen consumes as many resources per day as 32 people in Kenya.

90. Due to reduced air pressure, water on Mount Everest boils at 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

91. With one “bite”, blue whales consume up to 1,100 pounds of food or almost half a million calories. Opening the mouth and eating food alone can burn up to 2,000 calories.

92. The Paricutín volcano in Mexico was not there until 20 February 1943. Witnesses report having worked on a maize field that day and heard a dull “plop”. A day later, the volcano was already 33 feet high, and by the next day it had grown to 164 feet. A year later, the volcano had reached a height of 1,102 feet when it began to spew lava. Today, the volcano is 1,391 feet high and continues to be active.

93. All Scandinavian countries have a cross on their flag.

94. Kopi luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world. It is produced by feeding the beans to civets, which break down the bitter substances in the beans during their digestive process. The otherwise intact beans are collected after excretion and prepared for sale.

95. To date, there have been a total of 2,055 atomic bomb tests worldwide. 1,039 were carried out by the USA alone, 718 by the Soviet Union and 198 by France.

96. When it comes to extreme heat in Melbourne, the lions in the zoo are given frozen blood.

97. In third world countries, residents can access Wikipedia via their smartphone without using their data. The “Wikipedia Zero” campaign is already available in 34 countries.

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98. In Greece, there are over 2,000 people who have registered as officially practicing the religion “Hellenism”. This means that they believe in the ancient Greek gods like Zeus, Poseidon or Aphrodite.

99. Asian scalp hair grows about 20 percent faster than European scalp hair, while African scalp hair grows about 20 percent slower.

100. There is a garbage island floating in the Pacific that is three times the size of France and consists of about 88,000 tons of plastic.

101. According to current scientific knowledge, it is assumed that about 8,000 years ago all people in Europe were dark skinned, and that a light skin color only developed recently over the course of the past millennia.

102. Sea water has an average salt content of 3.5 percent.

103. In terms of GDP growth, Ethiopia was the fastest growing economy in the world in 2017.

104. Neptune, Saturn and Venus are the names of three seaside resorts in Romania.

105. The highest waterfall in the world is Salto Ángel in Venezuela with a height of 3,212 feet.

106. The record for most passengers on an airplane was set in 1991 with 1,081 people. Two babies were born during the flight.

107. The “Blue Java” banana is a special type of banana with a blue exterior and a slight vanilla taste.

108. The suicide rate in Japan is 60 percent above the global average. This is why workshops teaching people to express their feelings are becoming more and more popular in the country.

109. The continent with the highest average education level is Antarctica.

110. In 1946, the United States made Denmark an offer to buy Greenland for 100 million dollars. However, the Danes refused.

111. With 30 inhabitants, Hum in Croatia is the smallest city in the world.

112. Canada has more lakes than any other country in the world.

113. Kiwis are among the smallest birds in the world, but they lay the largest eggs relative to the size of their bodies.

114. The area on earth, which is suitable for coffee plants to grow, is called the bean belt.

115. In the 19th and 20th centuries, a family clan with predominantly bluish skin lived in the Appalachian Mountains in the USA. This was due to a disease called methemoglobinemia, which was repeatedly passed on within the Fugate family due to the isolated living conditions in the mountains.

116. Finland was the first country in the world to make broadband Internet access a legal right. If a house does not have a broadband connection, a Finish tenant can sue his or her landlord or the city.

117. In Sri Lanka, killing an elephant is punishable by death. Looking for more facts like this? We have prepared a lot more facts about elephants.

118. Every year, Finland grows by about 2.7 square miles. Due to melting glaciers, the land mass becomes lighter and slowly rises out of the sea.

119. There is more bacteria on your own skin then there are living people in the world.

120. Of the 195 countries in the world, there are only 22 countries that have never been attacked or occupied by Britain.

121. According to a report by the World Bank and the United Nations, around 5.6 million children under the age of five died in 2016. Most of them did not even survive the first weeks after birth. The devastating medical conditions that continue to prevail in many parts of the world result in a rapid spread of infectious diseases without the possibility of treatment. Hunger also plays an important role in these statistics.

122. In Korea, everyone is one year old from birth and turns one year older on New Year’s Day.

123. No mammal can dive deeper than Cuvier’s beaked whale. A dive into the depth of the oceans can last up to 140 minutes and, according to measurements, reach a depth of 9,816 feet.

124. Rhnull (rhesus factor zero) is the rarest blood type in the world. So far, only 40 people worldwide are known to have this blood group.

125. In Uganda there is a kingdom called Buganda and its national language is Luganda.

126. Neither Hollywood nor Bollywood produced the most movies per year. It is Nollywood in Nigeria, where about 2,000 movies are finished a year.

127. Nothing is an uninhabited town in the U.S. state of Arizona. There is nothing but a gas station and a garage.

128. At the geographically most northern point on earth, every line you draw points south.

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129. An ostrich can run a marathon in less than 60 minutes.

130. The city with the longest name in the world is Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch and is located in Wales.

131. In 2008, the average age in Uganda was 15. This means that about 50 percent of the population was under the age of 15 at that time.

132. The Vatican has its own telephone company, its own radio station, its own TV station, its own stamps, its own currency and its own army.

133. There are about nine million people in a prison around the world. 25 percent of them come from the USA.

134. Humans are the only species that cook their food.

135. If the earth were as large as a sand grain, the sun would be as large as an orange.

136. Nepal is the only country in the world that does not have a rectangular flag.

137. A red hair color paired with blue eyes is the rarest combination of hair and eye color. Only one percent of the world’s population has these characteristics.

138. Canada owns about 20 percent of the world’s fresh water.

139. It is assumed that so far only four percent of our oceans have been explored.

140. In order to prevent the Sahara from spreading from North Africa to the Sahel, the “Green Wall” project was launched in 2005. Today, 21 African states are participating in the project. Around 15 percent of the planned trees have so far been planted on the strip, which is 4,850 miles long and nine miles wide.

141. In 1911, the Niagara Falls froze completely.

142. The name of the US state of Louisiana dates back to the time of the French colony of New France in the 18th century. It stretched from the Gulf of Mexico far into northern Canada to Newfoundland. The part south of the Great Lakes was called Louisiana in honor of Louis XIV – Louis Quatorze in French. Today’s state on the Gulf of Mexico has only a fraction of this size, but continues to bear this name.

143. A fully-grown elephant can drink about 53 gallons of water within five minutes.

144. When the Egyptians built the pyramids, there were still mammoths roaming the earth.

145. Only two percent of the world’s population is blonde from birth.

146. About 99 percent of all Estonians have blue eyes.

147. As the earth rotates slower around the sun from year to year, 2016 was one second longer than 2015.

148. After the last Bucardo – a special type of wild goat – had died, scientists succeeded in creating a clone of the animal in 2003, making it the first species ever to be resurrected after its extinction. However, the clone died after only seven minutes, making it also the first species to go extinct twice.

149. Today, the Earth is surrounded by so much space debris that in the near future it may even be dangerous to leave the Earth in a spaceship. This phenomenon is also known as the Kessler syndrome.

150. The Sơn-Đoòng cave in Vietnam is the largest cave in the world. It even contains a large rainforest, and its dimensions are so vast that even a Boeing 747 could easily fit inside. Despite its size, the cave was not discovered until 1991.

151. Young elephants like to suck on their trunks just like young children like to suck on their thumbs.

152. Dogs and humans are the only mammals with a prostate.

153. At least 50 percent of the oxygen in our atmosphere is produced by phytoplankton in the oceans and not by land plants. Due to the rising sea temperatures, however, the phytoplankton population continues to decline.

154. The Greenland shark does not reach sexual maturity until the age of 150. With an estimated life expectancy of up to 500 years, it is also the longest living vertebrate on the planet.

155. When the Cornhuskers – the football team of the University of Nebraska- have a home match, the stadium becomes the third biggest city in the state. 

156. The “dingo fence” is a fence in Australia designed to protect sheep in the southeast of the continent from predators. It has a total length of 3,363 miles.

157. Russia has more land mass than Pluto.

158. There are butterflies that migrate south every winter, just like birds. Every autumn, the monarch butterfly sets off on its journey from the north of the United States to Mexico, covering a distance of 2,175 miles. Every day, they cover between 44 and 186 miles.

159. There are an estimated 500 million dogs on our planet.

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160. The entire border between the United States and Canada consists of a cleared strip of forest with a width of approximately 20 feet.

161. It is estimated that every five seconds, somebody somewhere in the world buys a BILLY shelf.

162. A cheetah can briefly reach speeds of up to 75 miles per hour. However, the sprint exhausts it so much that it needs between 20 and 60 minutes to recuperate before eating. Other predators therefore often try to steal its food in the meantime. 

163. Coober Pedy is a city in the Australian outback, where more than 50 percent of the inhabitants live in underground caves.

164. There are approximately sever million tons of plastic waste in our oceans. Just by doing without plastic bags, people could significantly improve the situation.

165. A type of jellyfish called the “sea wasp” is the most poisonous animal in the world.

166. The oldest bar in Ireland, which still exists, was opened 900 years before Christ.

167. Qizai is the name of the only brown panda bear in the world. Its brown coat color is due to a genetic mutation.

168. Dubai has an indoor ski center.

169. When the height of Mount Everest was first determined in the 19th century, researchers calculated a total height of exactly 29,000 feet. The height they published, however, was 29,002 feet, as the researchers feared that a figure as even as 29,000 feet might be interpreted as a rough estimate.

170. Due to earthquakes and tsunamis, Tokyo was destroyed and rebuilt on average every five years between 1608 and 1945.

171. The two oldest cats in the world reached an age of 34 and 38. Both belonged to the same owner. She exclusively fed her cats bacon, eggs, broccoli and coffee.

172. The oldest ever found advertisement dates back to 3,000 BC and was found in the ruins of Thebes. It advertised a slave named Shem.

173. With an IQ of approximately 230, the Australian mathematician Terence Tao is the most intelligent person in the world.

174. Traffic in central London moves at just 10 miles per hour which is the same speed as a horse runs.

175. If one took all the world’s water and placed it into a cube, it would accommodate 39,375 cubic feet. 

176. On the small island of Limone sul Garda in Italy the inhabitants have developed a genetic mutation that makes it impossible for them to have a heart attack.

177. While the Atlantic grows by a few inches every year, the Pacific Ocean is shrinking.

178. Andorra does not have an army of its own. Instead, the law stipulates that at least every male head of household must possess a weapon for defense purposes. The law even obliges the police to make a weapon available to every male citizen who does not have one.

179. Although Japan has only one third of the population of the United States, more than six times as many Japanese people are more than 100 years old.

180. Central Park in New York is larger than the State Monaco.

181. Until the end of the 19th century, there were so-called quaggas living in the world. Although this was not a cross between a horse and a zebra, the animals were striped in the front like zebras, while the trunk was evenly reddish-brown, therefore more closely resembling a horse. Since a quagga was a subspecies of the plains zebra, South African researchers have been trying for many years to revive the breed – and their efforts have now been crowned with success.

182. Monowi in Nebraska has only one inhabitant and he is also mayor of the city.

183. A pineapple was such a large status symbol in 18th century England that you could rent it for a day.

184. The name “England” derives from the old English term “Englaland”, which means “Land of the Angles”.

185. Papua New Guinea is the country with the greatest variety of languages spoken in a single country. Although the country has only about eight million inhabitants, more than 700 different languages are spoken.

186. From water depth of 33 feet and more there is no more red light. For this reason blood seems to be green at this depth.


187. The Australian state of Queensland allows emojis on license plates.

188. After blue street lighting was introduced in some areas of Scotland and Japan, the suicide and crime rate dropped dramatically.

189. The Cristo Redentor statue in Rio de Janeiro is not the largest Christ statue in the world. With a height of 108 feet, the Christ the King statue in Poland is ten feet higher.

190. Asia has a larger surface area than the moon. While the surface of the moon measures only 14,645,698 square miles, Asia covers a total of 17,212,368 square miles.

191. “Hikikomori” is the term used in Japan to describe people who withdraw completely from social life and do not wish to have contact with other people.

192. Approximately 20 percent of the French landmass is outside of Europe. For example the islands Martinique and Guadeloupe are in the Caribbean Sea.

193. The largest volcano in the world – the Tamu Massif in the Pacific – has an area roughly the size of Great Britain and Ireland combined.

194. The deepest hole ever explored by man was 7.5 miles deep. Compared to that, the earth has a diameter of 7,926 miles.

195. Regardless of body size, all mammals take an average of about 21 seconds to empty their bladders. Scientists refer to this as the “law of urination”.

196. In war times significantly more boys than girls are born. This is called the “Returning Soldier Syndrome”.

197. The center line of the football stadium in Macapá, Brazil, is exactly on the equator line, so that the competing teams in a match are always on different hemispheres.

198. Because of the reduced distance to the central core of the earth at the equator, people at the equator weigh less than people at the poles.

199. The largest bomb ever detonated was tested by the United States in 1954 and had an explosive power equivalent to a thousand times that of the Hiroshima nuclear bomb. After the test, the scientists found that the bomb had almost twice the explosive force they had previously calculated. The flash was seen 250 miles away, and radiation injuries occurred within a radius of more than 87 miles.

200. Twelve newborn babies are given to false parents every day.

201. All time zones meet in Antarctica, so it is almost impossible to attribute an exact time to the place. Instead, the time of the country owning the respective research station is often used for simplification purposes.

202. The birth rate in Japan is so low that the number of adult diapers sold now exceeds the number of baby diapers sold.

203. One bite of the Inland-Taipans – the most poisonous snake in the world – injects enough poison into its victim to kill more than 230 people.

204. On 24 February 1891, the “United States of Brazil” were founded, and the name of the country lasted for almost 40 years. So at the time, the American continent was home to not only the USA, but also the USB.

205. Since 1944, Iceland does not have its own army, and have not been attacked by other countries since.

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206. Alaska crosses the border with the eastern hemisphere and is thus the most eastern and western state in the USA.

207. Only two percent of all people have green eyes.

208. Female skunks are able to influence the development of their embryos, in order to delay birth in times of food shortages.

209. Although Christopher Columbus was the first to discover the American continent, it was the Italian Amerigo Vespucci who came up with the idea that this might be a new continent and not an Indian island, as Columbus had initially thought. In memory of this insight, the continent was named “America” after Amerigo Vespucci.

210. In Spain there is a comedy club in which you pay per laugh.

211. In the last 3,000 years, there were only 268 years in which no wars occurred.

212. In Alaska there is a sand desert with dunes up to 160 feet high.

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General Facts about Earth

Minimum distance to the sun in million mi (km)91 (147)
Maximum distance to the sun in million mi (km)94 (152)
Number of moons1
Rotation speed in mp/h (km/h)646 (1,040)
Direction of rotationprograde
Slope in °23.5
Rotation period (duration of one day)24 hours
Period of circulation (duration of one year)365 days
Minimum temperature in °F ( °C)-78 (-61)
Average temperature in °F ( °C)59 (15)
Maximum temperature in °F ( °C)136 (58)
Diameter in mi (km)7,926 (12,756)
Diameter in earth diameters1.000
Volume in 1012 mi³ (km³)0.26 (1.083)
Volume in earths1.000
Mass in 1021 t5.97
Mass in earths1.000
Gas Planetno
Average orbital velocity in mp/s (km/s)66,638 (107,244)
density in g/cm³5.515
Gravitational force compared to the earth1


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